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Some Books about Pine and other Conifers

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  1. Timberline by Stephen F. Arno and Ramona P. Hammerly 1984 . The Mountainers, Seattle, WA. ISBN 0-89886-085-7
  2. Douglas of the Forests: The North American Journals of David Douglas 1980 . University of Washington Press ISBN 0-29595-707-7
  3. Ecology of Southern Conifers, edited by Neal J.Enright and Robert S. Hill. 1995 Smithsonian Institutional Press ISBN 1-56098-617-4
  4. World Checklist and Bibliography of Conifers, by Aljos Farjon. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew ISBN 1-900347-54-7
  5. Insects that Feed on Trees and Shrubs, 2nd ed., by Warren T. Johnson and Howard H. Lyon. 1991 Comstock Publishing Associates, a division of Cornell University Press ISBN 0-8014-2602-2
  6. Manual of Cultivated Conifers, 2nd ed. by Gerd Krussmann 1983 . Timber Press ISBN 0-8812-007-X
  7. The Pinon Pine: A Natural and Cultural History by Ronald M. Lanner 1981 . U. of Nevada Press ISBN 0-87417-066-4
  8. Trees of the Great Basin: A Natural History by Ronald M. Lanner 1984. U. of Nevada Press ISBN 0-87417-082-6
  9. Made for Each Other: A Symbiosis of Birds and Pines by Ronald M. Lanner 1996 . Oxford University Press ISBN 0-19508-903-0
  10. Conifers of California by Ronald M. Lanner (May) 1999. Cachuma Press. ISBN 0-96285-053-5
  11. A Stillness in the Pines: The Ecology of the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, by Robert W. McFarlane 1992. The Commonwealth Fund Book Program, W.W. Norton & Co. ISBN 0-393-31167-8
  12. The Genus Pinus by Nicholas Tiho Mirov 1967 . John Wiley & Sons ISBN 0-47106-838-1
  13. The Story of Pines by Nicholas T. Mirov and Jean Hasbrouck 1976 . Indiana University Press ISBN 0-25335-462-5 (truly wonderful reading)
  14. Conifers of the British Isles: Forestry Commission Handbook 13 by A.F. Mitchell 1972 . London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office ISBN 0-11-710012-9
  15. The Coniferous Forest and Big Trees of the Sierra Nevada by John Muir 1878 & 1881 . Outbooks, Golden, CO. ISBN 0-89646-027-4
  16. Handbook on Conifers by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, v.25, no.2 multiple authors 1969 . (special printing of Plants & Gardens, no ISBN)
  17. A Forest Journey by John Perlin 1989 . W.W. Norton & Co. ISBN 0-393-02667-1 (an excellent book)
  18. The Pines of Mexico and Central America by Jesse P. Perry, Jr. 1991 . Timber Press ISBN 0-88192-174-2
  19. Catalogs of Forest Farm. Ornamental and Useful Plants from Around the World 1990s . by Ray and Peg Prag 9900 Tetherow Road, Williams, OR. ( clearly, the single best nursery source of a large selection of pine (& other) seedlings)
  20. Garden Conifers by Brian and Valerie Proudley 1976 . Blandford Press Ltd ISBN 0-7137-1458-1
  21. Biology and Biogeography of Pinus, edited by David Richardson. 1998. Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-551765
  22. Conifers by Keith Rushford 1987 . Christopher Helm Publishers ISBN 0-7470-2801-X (this book has an amazing way of usually coming up with the the answer you seek, in just 232 pages)
  23. Diseases of Trees and Shrubs, by Wayne A. Sinclair, Howard H. Lyon and Warren T. Johnson. 1987 Comstock Publishing associates, a division of Cornell University Press ISBN 0-8014-1517-9
  24. Conifers, revised and expanded English edition by Mirko Vidakovic 1991 . Grafici Zavod Hrvatske ISBN ?
  25. Conifers: The Illustrated Encyclopedia (2 volumes), by D.M. van Gelderen and J.R.P. van Hoey Smith. Timber Press 1996 ISBN 0-88192-354-0

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