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Pearson Creek Unit Species Census

Eastern White Pine -- Pearson Creek

There are currently 40 species and/or subspecies growing at the Lovett Pinetum Pearson Creek Unit. Almost all are natives of North America. Some are tentative because they have survived only two (1997-8 &1998-9) winters. Listings are scientific names followed by common names.

An asterix (*) indicates that the pines are well established, an arrow-up sign (^) indicates established trees with serious problems and a pound sign (#) indicates that the pines have planted within the past 30 months (some with serious zonal denial).


  1. taeda* Loblolly pine
  2. strobus* Eastern White pine
  3. echinata* Shortleaf pine
  4. resinosa* Red pine
  5. monticola* Western White pine
  6. ponderosa ponderosa* Western (Sierra) Ponderosa pine
  7. ponderosa scopularum* Rocky Mountain Ponderosa pine
  8. contorta contorta^ Shore pine
  9. contorta latifolia* Rocky Mountain Lodgepole pine
  10. contorta murrayana* Sierra Lodgepole pine
  11. serotina* Pond pine
  12. strobiformis* Southwestern White pine
  13. rigida* Pitch pine
  14. jeffreyi* Jeffrey pine
  15. virginiana* Virginia pine
  16. pungens* Table Mountain pine
  17. banksiana* Jack pine
  18. washoensis* Washoe pine
  19. attenuata^ Knobcone pine
  20. sabiniana* Gray pine (a.k.a. "Digger") pine
  21. aristata* Rocky Mountain Bristlecone pine
  22. rudis ^Mexican Red pine
  23. flexilis* Limber pine
  24. remota* Papershell Pinyon pine
  25. edulis* Colorado Pinyon pine
  26. monophylla* Single Leaf Pinyon pine
  27. cembroides ^Mexican Pinyon pine
  28. engelmannii ^Apache pine
  29. elliotii elliotii# Slash pine
  30. glabra ^Spruce pine
  31. palustris* Longleaf pine
  32. ayachuite brachyptera# Mexican Limber pine
  33. coulteri# Coulter pine
  34. clausa# Sand pine
  35. patula# Mexican Weeping pine
  36. geradiana# Chilgoza pine
  37. armandii# Armand's pine
  38. brutia eldarica# Afghan pine
  39. cembra#Swiss Stone pine
  40. uncinata#European Mountain pine

    [longaeva Sierra bristlecone pine (died 1993)]
    [balfouriana Foxtail pine (died 1987-93)]
    [durangensis Durango pine(died winter of 1995-6)]
    [chiapensis Chiapas pine (died winter of 1993-4)]
    [pseudostrobus Smooth-bark Mexican White pine (died winter of 1993-4)]
    [maximartinezi Big Cone Martinez pine (died winter of 1997-8)]
    [lambertiana Sugar pine died winter of 1995-6)]
    [torreyana Torrey pine(died winter of 1993-4)]
    [gregii Gregg's pine (died winter 0f 1995-6)]
    [montezuma Montezuma pine (died winter of 1998-9)]
    [halepensis Allepo pine (died winter of 1998-9)]
    [koraiensis Korean pine (died fall of 1999)]
    [oaxacaca Oaxaca pine (died winter of 1998-9)]
    [pinceana Pince pinyon (died summers of '98 & '99)]
    [albicaulis Whitebark pine (died summers of '96,'97,'98,'99)]
    [nelsonii Nelson pine (died summer '98)]
    [radiata Monterey pine (died summer '98)]
    [muricata Bishop pine (died winter '97 -'98)]
    [bungeana Lacebark pine (died summer of '99)]

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